Children ages 3-5 will have the opportunity to participate in CompuChild classes (small group – no more than 5 children per group) lead by Ms. Mary once a week beginning in early October.  CompuChild is a great program as it introduces young children to technology as well as practices simple skills associated with using a computer, laptop or IPad (ex: using a mouse and keyboard).  CompuChild uses a professionally designed curriculum for ages 3-5 with an emphasis on correct terminology, keyboarding skills, MS Word applications along with proper usage and handling of equipment.  Students will spend about 35-40 minutes with Ms. Mary exploring and using the various equipment she brings with her.  A progress report will be sent home after each session so you know what your child is learning during the CompuChild instructional time.


Ms. Mary will be here tomorrow, September 11th for a FREE demo class!   Look for your child’s progress report in his/her folder tomorrow evening when you pick up!


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Ms. Kim or Ms. Hailey.