September Family of the Month: The Shippey Family

The Shippey family, Jen, Will, Isabella (3), and Alexandra (1), have been a part of the Brite Beginnings community since 2011.  Ever since they have joined our family, they have been so thoughtful and giving to all of our team members.  Jen & Will are always willing to lend a helping hand, volunteer for center events, contribute to raising funds for the center, and participate in all center functions.  Whenever their girls move classrooms, Jen & Will have a way of making the entire staff feel so comfortable and are able to create an instant connection that is everlasting.  All of us at Brite Beginnings are truly thankful and appreciative for everything that the Shippey family does for us!

Thank you, Shippey Family, for embracing every Brite day as an opportunity to “take a moment to make a moment.”